Sunday, June 20, 2010

We have a website!

We are so excited to finally say that we have a website. It's and it was put together primarily by Kathy's grandson Joey and Kathy using Intuit software.
So far the best sellers are on there - we have a little over half of the patterns posted. The rest we are probably going to take new pictures or revise in some way - but more is coming.
We set it up so that you can buy patterns through Paypal
Kathy is working on a custom designed sweater for Creatively Dyed Yarns as well as a new side to side sweater and a really cute little girl's sweater.
I'm finishing up an aran inspired design and a partially side to side yoked sweater or vest.
We always have more ideas crowding to get out of our brains.

Last weekend we were at TNNA in Columbus. We took several really informative classes, saw friends, and made some very interesting contacts with yarn companies. We hope to be working with Brown Sheep Yarn Company in particular and we have some more ideas for sweaters suited to their yarns.

We never got the time to post about our trip to Dayton doing a workshop for the Dayton Knitting Guild. We had a very nice time meeting new knitters and seeing some familiar faces as well.
The Guild is very large and very active. They took very good care of us while we were there, including a tour of some of Dayton's interesting spots and especially a tour of St. Mary's - a fantastically beautiful historic church. We really appreciated the time they spent with us.

We're looking forward to the fall and more fiber shows. It seems that every month we have something to do for Ewe & I. Life and knitting is good right now.

Kathy & Dianne