Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kathy tells me I have to stop knitting long enough to do a little posting. We have been having such a great time doing fiber shows, teaching classes, and working on new ideas, that the time just flies by.

I have had the pleasure recently of knitting 3 sweaters for Autumn House Farms using Harriet's yarn and our patterns. Kathy also did one using our pattern Shaded Magic. We are excited not only because Harriet Knox has such beautiful yarn, but because she will be taking them to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in the beginning of May. That is fantastic exposure for us.
We hope to work with Harriet on combining more of our patterns and her yarns.

I am very fortunate to be teaching a number of monthly classes for groups of knitters in their homes. It's a joy to be working closely with these ladies - we do occasionally get a bit rowdy, but we never fail to laugh a lot. I feel as if they are all becoming friends instead of just students.

Our next big event (big for us, anyway) is going to be doing a workshop for the Dayton Knitting Guild in the middle of May. we will be talking about 2 of our sweaters in particular, Lace Medley and Sampler Block Cardigan, and also our scarf pattern, Sampler of Reversible Stitches. While we are getting ready for that, we keep getting new ideas for Sampler Block #2, a multistitch vest, more top down sweaters - it just goes on and on.

Back to my knitting,

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